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I have been enjoying my passion for photography for over 20 years.  At first I accepted every opportunity I was given to use my camera and try every type of photography I could. I soon found my passion in children's portraiture. This expanded to babies, family, and maternity portraits. My style evolved as I experimented and learned about photography. My style has settled into more of a traditional, artistic look. Even after 20 years, I love capturing the essence of a child, and creating a classic, timeless fine piece of art. A piece of art that the family will hang on their wall and enjoy for years.

Although my initial passion was with young children, my client base grew older and I grew with them. Photographing high school seniors and numerous business associates gave me a fresh, different look at portraiture. Headshots and modeling photography required more than just capturing the moment. These required more attention to different lighting and posing techniques. My traditional and classic style still comes through in my headshot photography. I put an emphasis on good lighting, posing, and all the fine details that are possible with a subject that listens to you and can stay still for a moment!

I truly enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and creating a portrait for them they are proud to show off.

I would love to work with you to create a headshot that will convey your personality, brand, and message.

Linda E



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